Adam Montiel's Breaking & Entering Christmas

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Adam Montiel's 10th Annual Breaking & Entering Christmas Tradition


The festive season is a time for giving, love, hope, and miracles. For us, it's an opportunity to redefine the meaning of "breaking and entering." Now in its 10th year, the Breaking & Entering Christmas tradition spearheaded by Montiel and his dedicated team goes beyond its unconventional name. It's about bringing joy to families in genuine need, transforming their homes into winter wonderlands, and creating lasting memories that will warm their hearts in a way they will never want to forget.

Transforming Homes with Holiday Cheer:

In the heart of this initiative, we orchestrate a magical transformation of a deserving family's home. Waiting until the family is briefly away, volunteers set the stage. Lights are strung, trees are adorned, and presents are wrapped with care. The result? A festive surprise awaiting the family upon their return—a Christmas they'll never forget. It's a beautiful reminder of the power of community, compassion, and the simple act of giving time to make someone else's holiday extraordinary while allowing them to remain anonymous.

Community Involvement and Future Plans:

Central to the success of Breaking & Entering Christmas is the involvement of the community. We seek nominations for the recipient family, maintaining their anonymity to ensure an intimate and personal celebration. As the 10th edition wraps up, we are grateful for the support received and looks ahead to the 11th Breaking & Entering Christmas. Plans for the future include once again rallying community support to continue this heartwarming tradition. As we reflect on the joy shared and the holiday spirit kindled, Adam Montiel's Breaking & Entering Christmas stands as a testament to the magic that happens when a community comes together to make a difference during the most wonderful time of the year.